Heather Threadgill

Owner, Bare Culture Kombucha

I grew up in the Spokane area where my love for family, nature, and healthy living became the foundation for my life. A passion for culinary experimentation—changing unhealthy recipes into tasty, healthful ones—led me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Food/Nutrition and Business. This has helped me in the science of designing recipes as well as in the art of running a business. After graduating from Walla Walla University, my husband Joe and I moved back to the Spokane area, where we both taught high school in our respective fields and pursued an active lifestyle of triathlons, hiking, and camping. Then came our three boys: Joseph, Jaron, and William, who are the light of our lives and who enjoy being part of building a family-based business together. We believe in combining family, fun, health, and fitness into our lives and work everyday. Cheers to Kombucha!