Current Flavors

Paradise Ginger:  A tropical fruity mix of fruits and veggies blended with ginger puree to give you a wide variety of vitamins and minerals as well as the great health benefits of ginger.

Meyer Lemon Ginger: The fabulous tang of Meyer lemons mixed with zippy ginger.

Sassy Apple:  Heather’s favorite! The wonderfully rejuvenating taste of apple mixed with cinnamon, ginger and a sassy burst of cayenne!

Acai Pomegranate:  Joe’s favorite! Pure acai mixed with pure pomegranate to create a tangy taste your mouth will ask for more of.

Strawberry Blood Orange:  A smooth, sweeter taste of strawberries mixed with blood orange and a splash of banana.

Peach Berry Mango:  A sweet surprise of apple, orange, pineapple, peach, grape, mango, pomegranate, tart cherry, black mulberry, purple carrot, cranberry and blueberry. One of our customer favorites!

Goji Pear:  Plain and simple. Goji berries and pear mixed to provide a sleek but tart delicious, earthy flavor. Goji berries are the most nutritionally-dense fruit on earth.

Goji Pomegranate:  Pure goji berries and pomegranate mix it up to create a scrumptiously delicious flavor you will definitely enjoy.

Passion Orange Guava (POG):  Feel like you are at the beach with the tropical taste of passion fruit, orange and guava. A favorite of those who have been to Hawaii!

Hibiscus Lavender:  Homemade hibiscus lavender tea mixed with our raw kombucha to make a mild but refreshing drink.

Sarsaparilla:  Sarsaparilla root is steeped and brewed to make an old-fashioned, mild root beer-flavored tea.

Chai:  A superb blend of spices creates a delectable chai-flavored tea.

Lychee Passion:  Renetta’s favorite! A happy mix of lychee, pink guava and passion fruit puree. A perfectly mouthwatering blend of delightfulness.

Caramelized Pineapple:  This wonderfully exhilarating caramelized pineapple puree will take your taste buds to another planet! You must taste it to believe it!

Tart Cherry Mint:  Robert’s Favorite! Not too sweet! A refreshing blend of tart cherry and fresh mint.

Honey Crisp Cranberry:  The wonderfully tart taste of both Honeycrisp apples and cranberries mixed to give your taste buds a super happy jump to their day!

Pink Lady Raspberry:  Taste the delicate flavor of Pink Lady apples with a zip of tart raspberry. Definitely manages to tickle your taste buds.

Mango Tarragon:  A wonderfully happy mix of mangos and tarragon spice. So delicious you’ll definitely want more!